Through our agency PURE SAFY BRANDING we help companies to reach the largest and still growing target group in the world. People with an Islamic background. Due to this we are involved and initiator in the Ramadan Rush. We are holding exclusive seminars in the most luxurious spots of the Netherlands.. Managers and CEO’s from various companies have already attended our seminars.

To give you an idea; Prada, McArthur Glen Designer Outlets, ICI Paris XL, Embassies, Global Blue, Schaap & Citroen, Schiphol Airport Group and many others attend our seminars to participate in gaining more knowledge about this phenomenon.

The Ramadan Rush is a way to give the Netherlands an economical impulse when it comes to shopping. During the Ramadan just before the Eid festivities. Muslims from Gulf travel to Europe for their luxury shopping. During their stay the overall spending exceeds 200 million euro’s. This is something that is starting to grow in Europe and we are helping retailers, hospitality, airlines and other’s in how to reach and understand them.

We must not forget the visitors that are coming from South East Asia which is growing and their expenditure is increasing dramatically.

Creating a platform for luxury brands and services to reach new markets and deal directly with high-value clients.

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